Gushing at you from an undisclosed theme park on the wrong side of town, The Nerd Fountain surges forth a frothing stream of questionable content.

Nerd Fountain 79: NF Podcast Episode 10: Or is it 11! We're Half One Foot In!


Who are we? Shrink in horror as Jeffrey Norman Bourbeau, John-Michael Gariepy and a dark wanderer known only as ‘Joe’ harmonize out an unstoppable spate of finely crafted criticisms and sing praise to the consternation of fanboys and haters alike. 

Meet the Meeple 

Nerd Fountain is not a first look-driven outlet. We are a podcast and blog that delivers reviews and interviews with designers, developers, and publishers from multiple industries to deliver both an inside perspective and a human touch from behind closed doors that drive nerd culture.

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The curators of Nerd Fountain dredge the depths of our collective knowledge pools to recover shiny pennies.  And a lot of dreck.  It's what we do.  And we love what we do.  We love it so much, we want to do more.

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